Headlight Restoration Cape Coral

Foggy, dirty and yellowed headlight lenses are unsafe at any speed. This is caused by years of UV damage, road debris and other driving conditions that cause the pores of the plastic lens to expand, crack and pit; thus causing the cloudy, 
sometimes yellowish oxidation.

When this happens the lights turn milky / cloudy colored and night time driving becomes difficult. This cloud cover diffuses (spreads out) the focused light created by the internal reflectors.  With our professional tools we are able to restore
your headlights back to factory clear condition!
Here are the 3 Biggest Reasons for Restoring Your Cloudy Headlights:

SAFETY - Increase the Safety of Your Vehicle because you will have increase light projection so can see better while driving at night

APPEARANCE - Improve the Appearance of Your Vehicle because your headlights will look like new, crystal clear lenses

SAVINGS - You Will SAVE a ton of Money in replacement by restoring your headlights because new headlights can cost anywhere from $150 to $1700 each
Your head lamps are the third most important safety feature of your car, but they require a little maintenance after only few years from the showroom floor. Using our advanced mixture of chemicals we created a system to restore your headlights back to that factory finish. With our restoration services, we can save you from having to spend hundreds on replacement lenses!

Below are a few samples of the Headlight Restoration Service Before & After